Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Councilman Gentile Welcomes Greenmarket
Back to Bay Ridge
BAY RIDGE−The Bay Ridge Greenmarket is coming back!

After continued negotiations with Greenmarket, a program under the Council on the Environment of New York City, and Walgreens, Councilman Vincent Gentile is pleased to announce that the Bay Ridge Greenmarket will kick off a long, fruitful season starting Saturday, May 2.

“The Greenmarket was our town square last fall, and I’m thrilled to welcome the farmers, entertainers and artists back for a full and fruitful season this year,” Councilman Gentile said. “Greenmarket and Walgreens both deserve a big ‘thank you’ for their commitment to bringing the market back.”

The Greenmarket will be located on the same site as last year: the Walgreens parking lot, located at the intersection of 95th Street and 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge. The season will run from May 2 through November 2009; the market will be open every Saturday from 8 AM to 3 PM.

The market’s opening day will be kicked off with a performance by The Banjo Rascals, which performs music ranging from 1890s ragtime to blues to 1950s rock ‘n roll. Georgine Benvenuto of Gallery 364 will be back on site each week, featuring the work of local artists and photographers in a fence show along the 95th Street side of the market.
The Greenmarket will welcome the following farmers/vendors to its site each weekend:
Bufala di Vermont (selling buffalo cheese, yogurt and meat)
New York Beef (selling grass-fed beef)
Bread Alone (selling bread and baked goods)
American Seafood (selling fresh, wild-caught fish and shellfish)
Caral Farm (selling vegetables)
Alex’s Farm (selling vegetables, fruit, plants and cut/potted flowers)

Walgreens plans to open in July. At that time, both the Greenmarket and Walgreens will co-exist on Saturdays, with the market occupying the larger front section of the parking lot (that fronts on 3rd Avenue). Vehicles will be able to access the parking lot by the entrances on either 94th or 95th Streets.

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