Friday, September 6, 2013

Hide and Seek

A collection of studio photography by Scott Weingarten.

I am very happy to announce the opening of our September 2013 show with Photographer Scott Weingarten Saturday September 7th, from 7-10 PM, at Gallery 364. Join us to view Scott's latest work, mingle with other artists, enjoy food & drink.

This event is free, but we will not turn away donations which help support our wonderful shows!!
We hope to see you all here for another exciting year!!!

Thank You,
Georgine Benvenuto, Founder & Director
Gallery 364 

Introducing Scott Weingarten

 Scott M. Weingarten
 Fine At Photographer/Artist/Banker

Scott Weingarten was born in Brooklyn, New York on December 22, 1957. He has had numerous gallery shows in the
New York City area including Fountain Art Fair in Miami, Florida. He has also had shows on Long Island and in the dumbo area in downtown Brooklyn. His current work is motivated by his passion for photographing people in various situations. Scott's work consists on mainly black and white photographs that are emotional and enticing to
the soul and imagination.

 Scott is basically self taught and has studied with a mentor for several years learning different techniques including editing, printing and photoshop methods. He has an extensive art background including drawing and Fashion Illustration. Scott has a degree in Fashion Illustration from F.I.T. and a fine art degree from Kingsborough Community College.

He has recently been working with photographing models for the past two years in various situations using different lighting techniques to get the most creative effect possible. Scott has done unusual portraits and abstracting models to give his work more self expression.

He continues to work in mostly 17"x 22" format or larger using his Canon EOS 5D digital camera. Printing is done on an epson 3880 printer.

Scott has won honorable mention at 364 Gallery in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and has had several write ups in Gallery and Studio Magazine.