Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Photographs by Kathy Libraty

OPENING PARTY APRIL 6th, 2013     7-10PM

I am very happy to announce the opening of our April 2013 show with Photographer Kathy Libraty this Saturday April 6th From 7-10PM, at Gallery 364. Join us to view Kathy's latest work, mingle with other artists, enjoy food & drink and I understand we have a surprise musical guest!! More info to come in the next two days. You can join our event on Facebook, Gallery 364. This event is free, but we will not turn away donations which help support our wonderful shows!! We hope to see you all here for another exciting year!!!

Thank You,
Georgine Benvenuto, Founder & Director
Gallery 364 

Introducing Kathy Libraty

As a visual artist, I have always enjoyed the juxtaposition of varying elements in my work. As I was photographing different locations of graffiti art and wall murals throughout Brooklyn and Long Island City, it occurred to me that this is a “people’s art” and that our urban landscape is created by many varying contributors. Torn posters providing segments of faces with torn paper edges contrasted with brick walls or wooden construction barricades, graffiti, spray painted graphics and nonsense along with actual architectural elements all commingle into an ever-changing visual smorgasbord of our human artistic psyche. As street artists come upon these works they are sometimes inspired to add or detract by contributing some extra elements or actually vandalizing the images—thus they become works in progress in an ever-shifting urban environment.

In many of the images presented here, I have employed my lovely daughter and muse, Elisa Renee, to pose and add a human context to the images. She has generously contributed her time and dramatic talent to enhance my photographic visions. A musical artist in her own right (, Elisa has that elusive charisma, charm and humor that jumps out of the photographs and demands your full attention. Indeed she is, in many ways, the co-author of the works in which she appears and deserves full recognition and praise for her unique contribution! At times, I have also been fortunate to capture passersby who willingly or unwittingly became a part of my compositions.

But getting back to my opening statement about the juxtaposition of varying elements, I have also taken the artistic license to alter the images by adding other photographic images by compositing them in Photoshop. Thus, in my own way, I have added to the visual lexicon of the urban landscape—even if the images only exist as unique works in these photographic prints.

This exhibit represents the continuation of the project originally exhibited at Starbucks in August of last year.
I am also going to include many smaller framed images of varying other photographic subjects that I have recently processed through Instagram. It promises to be a visually exciting and fun filled night!