Saturday, February 7, 2009


‘Motion Pictures and Paintings’ Create Moving Experience at Gallery 364
by Harold Egeln (, published online 12-23-2008

By Harold Egeln
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
BAY RIDGE – When one thinks about motion pictures, it usually means movies. But how about motion pictures, motion paintings and stationary artworks that depict motion in many artistic ways?

That is the provocative premise guiding artists and photographers who responded to Gallery 364 founder Georgine Benvenuto’s call for their creations on the theme of “Motion” for the showcase’s December art show.

In their response, as with other theme exhibits that are Gallery 364’s hallmark, they have once again outdone themselves with a moving experience for the viewer, setting in motion emotions, thoughts and feelings that swirl and travel through mind and heart.

With variety and vision, the creative community of Bay Ridge and its environs has outdone itself. Looking at a red fire-truck children’s ride in motion at Coney Island’s Astroland, in a photo by Bill Storoniak, is to experience both the physical motion and emotion felt by children on it.

Viewing photographer Joel Bieder’s large photos of swirling smoke signals, with the camera capturing the finely intricate shapes and spirals, is to experience the artistic wonder of natural forms. Bieder’s work won “honorable mention” in the show’s competition.

“Tango in NYC” by artist Inga Poslitur shows stylish dancing couples circling around the tilted tower of the Chrysler Building (perhaps swaying to the unheard music) and floating on Grecian columns suspended in air. It evokes the emotion of delight for the fanciful. That also is evoked in her “Space and Motion” of people sitting on what appears to be a series of tables suspended in air.

A photo of the wide, slanted corridor at Grand Central Station connecting the main and lower levels shows people in walking and rushing motion. They seem at first to be a blur, but then a spooky emotion enters. It is as if the people’s souls are their shadowy companions, said photographer Larry Nicosia.

“I like the city because its always in motion,” he said, noting his photos of blurred yellow taxicabs in front of a large wall fashion ad of a woman descending stairs.

Fast-Motion Grand Central To Slow-Motion Flower

A single little flower on sandy ground and a tuft of grass nearby, in Gary Heller’s “Struggle” photograph, shows the flower seeking to survive, a spirit struggling for life.

Dave Foss’s black-and-white photographs suspended on a mobile – shades of Alexander Calder – show a nude woman moving in various poses in front of a large window, light streaming in. They portray double motion: the mobile’s photos are making literal movements, and the photos themselves portray a woman moving. The mobile won “best in show” in the exhibit’s competition.

A large photo of a child running happily through a spray of water from a park fountain, the water drops lit by the sun as if they were liquid light particles, stirs the emotional energy of delight and fun.

Tender joy is portrayed in a large photo of two birds, one standing in water after dappling its beak in it, sending a spray of water drops splashing around in a shiny silver shower, as another bird stands nearby at the waterline among greenery.

Another bird photo captures a hawk in flight, its wings fully opened and extended above it, tree branches behind it.

“Roll Call,” a large painting by Alexandra Pacula, shows what seem to be letters, words or general shapes in motion, with two swirling rings like those of Saturn. It seems almost like musical notes in motion, or, perhaps, a painting of a poem’s rhymes, if they could be visually perceived.

Certainly in motion is Gallery 364, in an historic house at 364 72nd St., making waves at its monthly theme art shows since the spring of 2007. Classes are available and exhibit viewing is by appointment only. For more information, call (917) 767-3848.

Monday, February 2, 2009


We at Gallery 364 "Bay Ridge's First Fine Arts Gallery" are pleased to go forth
with our March Art Competition, entitled "WATER".

We believe in giving just a keyword/s to our artists and see what
they come forward with in terms of visual artwork.

If you are interested in submitting work for this competition, for consideration please call Georgine for an appointment to show your work,
or email jpegs for review. No URL's please. You will be notified by email of acceptance. And we look forward to seeing you at our opening reception.

The entry fee is $25.00 per piece, for work accepted, with a limit of 4 pieces per artist. All art must be ready to hang.

All art will be for sale. Gallery 364 retains 30% of all sales.

Gallery 364 will award:

One "Best In Show" $150 Prize (Winners will be announced at Opening Reception)

One "Honorable Mention" $50 Prize

Deadline for submissions: Sat, Feb.28, 2009

Artists Opening Reception: Thursday, March 5th, 2009 (by invitation only)

Contact Georgine for more info:

Gallery 364
364 72nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209