Friday, October 31, 2008


District Office
8703 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209

The Council
The City of New York

Vincent J. Gentile
Council Member

BAY RIDGE−Starting November 1, the Bay Ridge Greenmarket will feature
another group alongside the farmers who provide residents with fresh food
every weekend: Bay Ridge artists!

Councilman Vincent J. Gentile will welcome at least four artists this
coming weekend. Their artwork and photographs will be featured on the 94th
Street fence that surrounds the parking lot in which the new Bay Ridge
Greenmarket is located.

“Because of the local demand for accessible and fresh food, the Bay Ridge
Greenmarket has become a fantastic local resource,” Councilman Gentile
said. “And even better, it’s become more than that. It’s morphed into a
true town square that enriches the community through the participation of
local schools, organizations and now artists.”

On past weekends, Councilman Gentile has arranged for the bands and chorus
groups from local schools to perform at the Greenmarket. On the kick-off
week of the local farmers market (Oct. 4), The Banjo Rascals performed, to
the delight of neighborhood shoppers and residents.

The inclusion of artists associated was organized by Councilman Gentile
and Georgine Benvenuto, owner of a local art gallery called Gallery 364.

Gallery 364 is the only fine arts studio and gallery in the Bay Ridge
neighborhood. It also features monthly art competitions and special art
events. The Greenmarket “fence show” will feature the work of Bay Ridge
photographers and Painters, who will be on hand selling their original

Artists participating in the November 1 fence show include Larry Nicosia
and Dave Foss.

Mr. Nicosia is a photographer, and a lifelong resident of Bay Ridge. At 12
years of age, he developed his first roll of film, and In Fort Hamilton
High School he photographed the school plays. At 19 years old, he took his
passion for photography to Vietnam.

After retiring from the City’s Department of Sanitation in 2006, Mr.
Nicosia dedicated himself to his passion full time, focusing primarily on
street photography.
Mr. Foss is an internationally-known, fine-art photographer, known for his
photographs of nude women in dramatic landscapes and architectural
settings. His award-winning image "Music Box Dancer," which depicts a nude
dancer in front of Coney Island's famed Parachute Jump, is just one
example of how he uses light and structure to compose dynamic photographs.

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