Sunday, June 15, 2008

‘Art In the Park Draws’ Artists, Community to Bay Ridge’s ‘Left Bank’

Narrows Botanical Gardens/Gallery 364 Series Frames Community’s Arts Renaissance

By Harold Egeln
Brooklyn Eagle

BAY RIDGE – The Bay Ridge art scene, experiencing a cultural renaissance, has gained a park-side waterfront venue, a living painting on the pastoral canvass of the Narrows Botanical Gardens, through the new Art in the Park Summer Series.

Spending this past Sunday in the park with Georgine Benvenuto, photographer and Gallery 364 owner, and Joan Regan, a founder of the Narrows Botanical Gardens, were several artists. A few of them were displaying for the first time at the new outdoor summertime series and interacting with other artists and the community. They experienced the joy of sharing, and, now and then, the happiness of a sale of their original creations.

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